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Everyone needs help sometimes.

How many times a week should I meet with my tutor?

The type and amount of help will dictate most how many hours of tutoring are recommended. If you require more than three hours of tutoring a week, consider enrolling in our after-school care program.

How long should each session last?

Tutoring sessions typically last one hour. However, more time may be used to cover a lot of material. Shorter sessions are recommended for very young clients.

What can tutoring help me with?

-Foundation Building

-Supplementary Learning

-Homework Help

-Exam Preparation

How do I prepare for tutoring? What should I do to maximize and retain what I have learned in tutoring?

The best way to prepare for tutoring is to be familiar with the material. Review your notes, have terms and formulas memorized, skim through your textbook, come up with a list of specific questions to ask your tutor. Have a specific desired outcome for your time with the tutor. Doing these things BEFOREHAND will greatly increase the quality of your learning experience. Before your session ends make sure your questions have been thoroughy answered and that you have consistently demonstrated the ability to apply your knowledge without prompting or guidance from the tutor. After your session, fill in your old notes with the new information. Apply your new knowledge by working more practice problems or use some other type of activity to reinforce and assess your learning. Remember, perfect practice, yields perfect results, so practice, practice, practice! Our clients will have 24/7 access to practice problems.

Can I get tutored in a group setting?

Yes, a minimum of 3 students is required to form a group.

Can I get tutored online?




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